EA Roundtable in Bangkok

EA Roundtable:
How to demonstrate the ROI of your
Enterprise Architecture (EA)?
2nd July 2019| Location at Mercure Bangkok Makasan

While the qualitative benefits of good IT governance can be intuitive, enterprise architects still struggle to demonstrate a real return on investment. Failure to show quantitative outcomes to your CIO may lead to project de-prioritization or in the worst case, to the non-renewal of your EA budget.
How do you measure the ROI of your Enterprise Architecture (EA)?

Join us for a 2-hour roundtable, including presentation, case study and workshop on how enterprise architects can extract the full benefits of their EA programs and measure their outcomes quantitatively, to renew the EA budget and expand their reach in the organisation.
An exclusive event for IT Leaders and Head of Enterprise Architects, by invitation only.
Event Details
• Location at Mercure Bangkok Makasan
• 2nd July (Tues) | 9:30am to 11:30pm

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To join the event, please email: r.sukrit@aea-th.org or aabas@mega.com for more details.